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BB-код Brivium - Location BBcode 1.1.1

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Код карты, очень удобный.
This addon allows to locate position on maps and adds a BBcode to display maps in posts using GoogleMaps APIs.

- Provides 4 ways to locate position on maps (admin can enable/disable each type):
Drag the marker on maps to locate position.
Click on "Current Position Button" to detect your current location based on your IP address. (Your exact location isn’t provided, but using IP gives us a chance to guess what location may be most relevant for you).
Click on "Coordinate Position Button" to locate postion by using latitude and longitude coordinates.
Click on "Address Search Button" to convert address to location on maps.
- After located position on maps, this addon will add a BBcode with location's informations to display maps in posts.
- Admin can allow/disallow users enter maps' width & height and set maximum value that users can enter to.
- Admin can exclude specific usergroups these bbcode button doesn't show on editor.
- Users can enter maps' width & height that display on posts.

- Upload contents of Upload folder to root directory, overwriting any existing files.
- Install XML\addon-Brivium_LocationBBCode.xml file.
- To set options go to: Admin > Options > Brivium - Location BBCode
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Это версия 1.1.1 актуальная 1.1.3 но у меня её нет:)
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Замечательный бб-код, спасибо :)
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