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Мониторинг статуса сервера Minecraft для XenForo.
Мониторинг статуса сервера Minecraft для XenForo.


Our second-generation Minecraft Server Status has been re-written from the ground up for functionality, and maximum customizability. Built to work with minecraft servers 1.7 and up, and xenForo 1.3 and above, as a completely free add-on, it completely it is a must have for any minecraft servers!

To install the add-on, first upload all of the contents of the /uploads/ directory into your root xenForo folder then go to xenForo > Install add-on and choose the addon-SCC_McStatus.xml file from "install from uploaded file" file selector, then click on install add-on. Then go to xenForo > options, find "♦ Minecraft Server Status" and setup the options for your add-on.

If integrated mode does not work at first, contact your web host and ask if they can unblock the TCP port that corresponds to the port of your server.

Using external APIs (DevRo, McAPI)
Although these will work directly out of the box (provided the external api's website is online), you'll have to modify the template to remove the MOTD feature, and if using DevRo's API, remove the ping feature as well.

To do so, follow the below guide:

1. First, go to the SCC_McStatus_Online template.


2. Then delete (or comment out) the following lines. If you're using McApi, you don't need to remove the second set of lines. The code has been color coded in the screenshot, but (most likely) won't be when you are viewing the template on your end.


Or, simply copy the below code:
<xen:edithint template="SCC_McStatus_Offline" />
<xen:edithint template="SCC_McStatus_Style.css" />

<div class="section SCC_McStatus Online">
        <div class="secondaryContent">
            {xen:phrase SCC_McStatus_Title} <span></span>
        <div class="pairsJustified">
            <img src="[[favicon]]" alt="Favicon" />
                <dt>{xen:phrase SCC_McStatus_IPAddress}:</dt>
                <dt>{xen:phrase SCC_McStatus_Players}:</dt>
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