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Настройте свой форум на основе домена или запустите несколько форумов с одной установки XenForo.
Совместимость с XenForo
Возможность создания нескольких форумов на поддоменах с одной установки.

Important: Please make sure you read the XenForo

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and any other add-on license agreements carefully and ensure you have the appropriate number of licenses to use this add-on. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact XenForo or the respective add-on developer.
This add-on allows you to run multiple forum instances from a single installation of XenForo, depending on the domain/subdomain entered.

Each sub-domain will have its own Admin Control Panel to allow you to manage the features. Some features are shared amongst all sub-domains, while others are unique to each sub-domain.

  • Users are shared amongst all sub-domains, allowing for a 'Single Sign-On' type system.
  • If a user has never logged into a sub-domain, they will not appear in the member lists, online lists, etc. and their profile will not be visible on that sub-domain.
  • Users can be members of different user groups for each sub-domain. The same user group names are used across all sub-domains for ease of management.
  • Admins and super moderators on the master domain will be admins and super moderators on all sub-domains.
  • Conversations, alerts, trophy points, message counts, etc. are shared amongst all sub-domains.
  • Permissions are completely separate for each sub-domain, meaning that you can make different forums visible on each sub-domain.
  • When creating a new sub-domain, permissions are copied from the master domain.
  • Options are separate for each sub-domain, but the options set for the master domain will be used if options have not been configured for any sub-domain.

For a contribution of any amount, you may install the add-on on a commercial site, and no additional add-ons are required to be installed. You can even use CSS or Javascript to hide the copyright notice.
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